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Minimally Invasive Delivery of the Mitral Touch and 1-Year Follow-Up of the ENRAPT-MR Study will be Presented at EACTS 2019 Techno College

The Mitral Touch Represents a Breakthrough in the Surgical Treatment of Heart Failure
The Mitral Touch is an epicardial clip designed to reduce mitral regurgitation and provide subvalvular support
of the left ventricle for functional mitral regurgitation (FMR) patients. The ENRAPT-MR study investigated the
safety and performance of the Mitral Touch during concomitant treatment of FMR in patients already scheduled
for coronary artery bypass surgery. The 1-Year durability of MR and LV reduction will be presented.

The minimally invasive delivery of the Mitral Touch would provide a stand-alone option for treating FMR in
heart failure patients. Dr. Gan H. Dunnington, of Adventist Health in Santa Helena, CA, and Dr. Isaac George,
Associate Professor of Medicine and Surgical Director of the Heart Valve Center at Columbia University
Medical Center, New York, NY, are championing this mini-thoracotomy (Mini-T) approach. Dr. Dunnington’s
presentation will include the progress to date on a beating heart cadaver model.

Dr. Dunnington summarized his perspective on the Mitral Touch: “I have dedicated my career to provide
patients minimally invasive options, especially my AFib patients. The opportunity to provide a dedicated option
for my FMR and heart failure patients would be a significant leap forward.”

Dr. George added, “the recent surgical and interventional trials have made it clear, we need tools to treat both
the MR and the LV, in order to help the FMR patient. A design that delivers both would be a big advance all by
itself, but to do it in a procedure that does not require open heart surgery or a sternotomy would be welcome by
both surgeons and patients alike.”

The EACTS Techno College session is at The European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery’s (EACTS)
annual meeting on Friday the 4th. The presentation, titled “Epicardial mitral repair system with minimally
invasive access (beating heart cadaver),” is a component of the 8:00 – 11:15 Session.

The European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery was founded in 1986 as a European organization
devoted to the practice of cardio-thoracic surgery. EACTS global membership includes 4000 surgeons,
perfusionists and allied health professionals.

About Mitre Medical Corp.
Mitre Medical is a medical device company with headquarters in Silicon Valley. The focus of the company is
the development of innovative solutions to treat structural heart disease, including the Mitral Touch device. The
Mitral Touch device is currently not approved by the FDA and is not CE marked.