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The Mitral Touch

The Mitral Touch epicardial ring allows surgeons to treat the vast majority of their patients with moderate to severe MR for whom solutions with acceptable risks do not exist today. The Mitral Touch device is placed epicardially, around the external surface of the beating heart, eliminating the need to be on-pump. Using the Mitral Touch device, surgeons are able to confirm MR reduction on a beating heart prior to implantation of the device.
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Because the Mitral Touch device can be implanted on a beating heart, surgeons are empowered to use a ‘hands-on’ approach. Patients benefit from a surgeon’s knowledge of the variation of the left ventricular and atrial geometries, resulting in more precise device placement and optimal MR reduction outcomes.

Initial clinical studies have been performed on patients needing mitral valve repair during CABG surgery. Experience from initial clinical procedures has shown that implantation of the Mitral Touch device should take less than 30 minutes.