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Mitre Medical Corp. Announces Training for Cardiac Surgeons at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

Morgan Hill, CA – Mitre Medical Corp. is announcing the opening of two additional clinical investigational sites – Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) and Piedmont Heart. The Mitral Touch is the company’s proprietary implant that treats the cause — ventricular enlargement, and the symptom — functional mitral valve regurgitation in surgical patients at risk of heart failure. The device is delivered and implanted on the outside of a beating heart – eliminating the need and associated risks of open-heart surgery.

Issac George, MD

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and Piedmont Heart are two of the best cardiac care centers in the world. Isaac George, MD, Surgical Director of the Heart Valve Center at New York-Presbyterian Columbia University Hospital, will lead this training for the FDA-approved ENRAPT-US Early Feasibility Study. The Columbia Surgical Skills lab will host the training for investigators Dr. Mark Russo and Dr. Federico Milla.

Dr. Russo, Chief of Cardiac Surgery for RWJUH, said, “The results of the CTSN trials changed how often we add mitral repair to a bypass patient. Formerly it was 85% of cases, now it’s 15%. The complications
associated with adding an open-heart procedure washed out the benefits. We are excited to offer this beating heart option to our bypass patients and potentially elevate the standard of care for heart failure

The training will also extend to the company’s complementary structural heart product line, another
simple, elegant, beating-heart option to protect against tricuspid regurgitation and right sided heart

About Mitre Medical Corp.
Mitre Medical Corp is an early-stage medical device company developing the Mitral Touch®, a less invasive and safer approach to treat functional mitral valve regurgitation (FMR) and remodel the left
ventricle (LV) in patients with moderate to severe MR. Mitre Medical has the potential to be the new standard of care for FMR.

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