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AngioConsult strengthens the cooperation with Mitre Medical Corp. with the addition of Andrew Kim to the team.

Speyer/Silicon Valley, 05/08/2018 – AngioConsult announces the strengthening of the cooperation with Mitre Medical Corp. with the addition of Andrew Kim to the team. Andrew is the second representative of AngioConsult supporting the medical device company, which is based in Silicon Valley, California. Benjamin Rieck, Sr Managing Partner of the healthcare consultancy with headquarters in Speyer, Germany, serves as a board member for Mitre Medical. Andrew brings great experience, having previously worked with several companies in the mitral field (Evalve, Guided Delivery Systems, Mitralign). He will help Mitre Medical drive the clinical program towards CE Mark and FDA Approval.

The focus of Mitre Medical is the development of innovative solutions to treat structural heart disease. Their foremost project is the Mitral Touchâ, an epicardial, less-invasive surgical solution to treat functional mitral valve regurgitation, facilitating reverse ventricular remodeling and potentially preventing the onset of congestive heart failure. In this way, the Mitral Touchâ emulates the standard of care by providing annular and sub-annular support for MR reduction without the need for a heart-lung bypass machine during the procedure.

“The technique of the Mitral Touchâ device is a truly innovative approach which allows the therapy of MR in patients that had been unable to experience surgical treatment due to their state of health. We are proud to support the team of Mitre Medical on the way from the initial idea to the patient’s bedside”, states Benjamin Rieck, board member of Mitre Medical and Sr Managing Partner at AngioConsult.

John MacMahon, CEO of Mitre Medical, adds: “Andrew has worked more than a decade in treatments for both degenerative and functional MR – that’s just what we need – he’s a great asset to our team and a wonderful addition to AngioConsult.“

Mitre Medical recently announced the completion of the feasibility phase for the Mitral Touchâ clinical trial. The Mitral Touchâ is currently not FDA approved or CE marked.

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